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Easily setup, manage and distribute offers for your restaurant through Momos Offers. Grow Dine-In or Delivery Sales seamlessly in 1 platform.
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How Does It Work?
Step 1: Create the Offer
Create on the Momos platform, or
Create on your POS/online ordering platform/App
Via Email or Coupon Code, or
Via QR Code / Barcode
Offers fully customisable (i.e. minimum basket size, % off, $ off, free item, redemption limits, etc.)
Offers synced with your POS/ordering platform
Step 2: Share the Offer
Via Paid Digital Marketing (FB/IG Ads)
Via Organic Social Media Posts (through URL links)
Via QR Codes (Digital Surveys)
Via Direct Custom Emails
Via Direct Messages
Capture customer details as soon as they claim the offer (even if they don’t redeem!)
Multiple channels to reach your targeted audience, seamlessly with Momos automatically prompting the customer along the way to claim your offer
Step 3: Customer Redeems the Offer
In-Store, or
Online (via your specific online ordering platform or App)
End to End Tracking of Customers for any campaign (i.e. from Facebook Ad Spend to In Store Revenue) 
Instantly understand impact on sales without manual number-crunching
Digital Distribution:
Via Facebook/Instagram Ads
Via Digital Surveys
Via Emails
Marketing Campaigns + Events:
Via QR Codes
Via Direct Emails
Via URL Links
Appeasements + Refunds:
Via Social Media Direct Messages
Via Review Response
Via Survey Response
Via Web Forms


Control your offer: customisable settings for restaurants to fully control the offer provided to customers
Track your returns: track click, open and redemption rates for offers as well as total spend to understand and improve your return on investment
Syncs seamlessly with your POS and ordering platform: ability to create offers directly via Momos or through your POS/Ordering Platform, with details uploaded into Momos for automated distribution, reporting and analytics

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